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Sound System Rentals

Is there anything worse than hearing the screech of low-quality speakers, or worse, nothing coming from those speakers whatsoever? Tapestry Music only offers premium sound system equipment to allow you to deliver a high-quality performance. We’ll ensure each guest in the audience is able to hear every beat, tune and lyric at a comfortable level. Affordable and easy to use, our sound system rentals are a necessary addition to a fun-filled event. We have an inventory that supports your sound system needs.

Types of Equipment We Carry

  • Powered Speakers: Tapestry Music’s subwoofers and powered speakers have built-in amplifiers for outstanding, high-powered performance. Delivering premium audio performance and sound pressure levels, powered speakers are an unbeatable choice.
  • Wireless Systems: Optimal portability and efficient sound, wireless systems are a great choice for events. Fine-tuned and engineered to be attention grabbing, wireless systems are also highly controlled and easy to use.
  • Microphone Rentals: From condensers to dynamic and the accessories that come with it, Tapestry Music has professional microphone options for you. Our Shure microphones have several features that make them state-of-the-art technology, including the auto frequency scan and excellent wireless clarity.

Booking Our Speaker Rentals

Our reasonable prices and friendly and efficient customer service makes renting sound system equipment easy. Our customer service representatives ensure prompt, informative service and will offer the best solution for your speaking engagement or event. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more information regarding our rentals by sending us a message via our website!