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School Services

Our owner, David Sabourin, was a school representative for Ward Music from 1988 until starting Tapestry Music in 1996. Since then, Tapestry has been serving the needs of music educators across BC and Canada. You could say that working with music teachers, students and parents is in our DNA! We strongly believe in the importance of music education and we work diligently to assist programs with our on-site service. Our mission is to work with programs to become so strong that no administrator or politician would dare cancel it. Our team of educational representatives are ready and available to not only help teachers, but assist in picking up and dropping of repairs, rented or exchanged instruments and supplies and answer any questions about the use and maintenance of your instrument.


Our Education Team

Ken Surges

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Dominique Bernath


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David Sabourin

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Michael Sabourin

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Paul Laverick

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Our Repair Technicians:

Drew Dumas

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Campbell Ryga

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Andrew Davies


Emily Carlsen

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Kevin Johnson