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Yamaha YSS475II Soprano Saxophone

Price: $3,149.99

Much of its design is based upon the Custom EX saxophones, and it shares many of the same features. The 475II is a one piece soprano that offers outstanding response, tone, and intonation, as well as comfortable playability that can be appreciated by students through to professionals. Custom style Bb spatula: The custom spatula facilitates correct technique and increases player comfort Adjustable thumb rest: Thumb rest allows for a comfortable hand and fingering position High F# key: The added key allows for more alternate fingerings and a true high F# New Body Taper: The new body shape provides improved intonation and optimal air-flow Lower vent tube: The lower vent tubing design reduces noise on lower vent key action New key post rib plate: Improved protection with the key post rib plate increases durability and strength New keys: The new keys are lighter, with more comfortable positioning New Pivot Screws: New bullet point headless pivot screws make for easy adjustment Laser Engraving: Laser engraving adds precision styling and an improved look

Model: YSS475II
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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