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TreeWorks TRECOIL SpringTree

SKU:  ae00-2723^TRECOIL
Manufacturer Part #:  TRECOIL
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Ships in 10-14 days

An 11 foot Solid 1/4Inch Thick Aluminum/Titanium alloy rod Polished & T-6 Tempered then spun into a round spring with a 5-inch diameter and 19-inch length. Produces a surprising resonating sound - Designed to be played with a triangle beater and hang off the TRE53 mount (included). This allows the Coil Chime to be clamped to any cymbal stand. No extra mount necessary. Also includes Stainless Steel Triangle Beater and Sand Cast Bronze Finger Cymbal - Handmade in Nashville, Tenn.

• Optional Accessory - TRE03btr

Manufacturer: TreeWorks

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