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Yamaha YCL622-II Pro Bass Clarinet

Price: $12,099.99
SKU:  ae00-1107^YCL622-II
Manufacturer Part #:  YCL622-II
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Ships in 10-14 days
Ships in 10-14 days
Ships in 10-14 days

Yamaha Professional model clarinets boast an enormous amount of meticulous hand-craftsmanship resulting in a very well-balanced, responsive instrument. The tone holes are undercut by hand for precise intonation and the keys are hand-adjusted for a perfect touch. The YCL-621II offers superb playability and sets new standards in bass clarinet design. The tone is warm and full with powerful projection. The range goes down to low Eb, and intonation is balanced and true. Two-piece grenadilla wood body: Resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations Metal inner tenon sleeves: Improve seal and tonal resonance and prevent damage Ball joint key connectors: Allow ease of assembly and less chance of damage Adjustable floor peg: Adjusts to proper playing position for players of different heights Straight tone holes: Consistent, uniform response throughout the instrument's range. Specification Model: YCL-621II Key: Bb to Low E Material: Grenadilla Keywork: Silver Plated Mechanism: Full Keywork Finish: Black Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4C Lyre Box: 2 Playing Spike: Yes Warranty: 5 Years

Model: YCL622-II
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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