School Instrument Rentals: Frequently Asked Questions

Tapestry Music is recommended by school teachers across BC for beginning instrument rentals and purchases. Why? Because we have the most flexible rental program in the lower mainland with a rent to own option, ease of instrument exchange and our buy back program.

We only carry quality instruments with brands that BC teachers know and recommend.  We are authorized dealers for Yamaha, Jupiter, Eastman, John Packer, Getzen, Backun, Conn-Selmer, Fender, Roland, Gliga and more.

With our in-store repair shops, music schools, books and accessories in two locations we have everything you need to succeed in music this year.  We know your teachers and what they want you to get this year, so getting your instrument and supplies from Tapestry is worry free. New for 2018: We now offer band and string instrument rentals for Vancouver Island and the Okanagan!


Here are some tips on getting your instrument this year:

Go for quality: 
Please resist the urge to buy that cheap instrument on ebay or at a department or drug store. The old adage is true, you do get what you pay for.  We see it every year with brand new "bargain" instruments coming into our repair shop a week after purchase with broken parts (we recommend returning it). It's so frustrating for your child if their instrument does not mechanically function and they're losing ground (and interest) right out of the gate.
Start in the summer and get a head start!:
We have a discounted school year rate (September to June) that you can take advantage of now! This September to June rate is available to you starting anytime from now throughout the summer FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE. This means you get the best choice of instruments, no waiting in line ups, and the option of getting some private instruction over the summer so you're ready to go when school starts. And when you renew your yearly rental in June, it's for a 12 month year (July-June) at the same rate you paid for the school year!
If you have an instrument already:
Bring your used instrument in for a free inspection. We can give you some background on the make and history, do cleaning and repairs if needed and make sure that you have the accessories and books you'll need. Normally our repair turn around is 24 - 48 hours, however please be aware that September is extremely busy and it may take a few days for repairs. If you need to get your instrument ready for band the next day, please plan ahead! Better yet, bring your instrument in during the summer and be stress free!
Getting your instrument in September: 
If you're not sure which instrument you will be playing in September and must wait until your teacher gives you the go ahead, bear in mind that after school is the busiest time of day so give yourself some extra time. If you can come in before school lets out (parents should note that your child does not necessarily need to be with you-although it's encouraged).

We have two options.

1) Purchase with a Buy Back Guarantee (Our recommendation and risk free!)
With our Buy Back Program, you'll get our best cash price and you own your instrument. If you need to return or exchange your instrument later, we'll refund your money less the monthly rent applicable for the time you've had the instrument.

2) Choose our Rental Program with rates starting from only $14 per month.

With our Rent To Own Program, 100% of your rental payments apply towards eventually owning your instrument. There is no obligation to own, but as long as you are renting from Tapestry Music we will always apply your payments towards purchase if you wish with no time limit like some of our competitors.

Plus, anytime you want to buy out your instrument, we will deduct 25% from your existing balance (rent to own price minus payments to date). If you need to exchange instruments later, your rental credit will also transfer over to the next instrument (applicable only to instruments listed in our rental program brochure). Monthly and school year (September - June) rates are available.

We also have a rent-to-own program for guitars and we offer daily and weekend rental rates for PA/Sound systems.