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Yamaha DC9160B Chimes

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Developed for educational use, these lightweight chimes have superb tonal response and projection.

• Yamaha/Deagan exclusive tuning and voicing methods ensure true pitch, full sound and consistency with traditional Deagan tone
• Seamless brass tubes produce a consistent and resonant sound
• Steel frame uprights and a lower cross bar maintain stability and, therefore, playability
• Laminated maple damper box stays rigid and straight for even dampening
• One-touch pedal locking mechanism locks damper box open when desired
• Tubes are finished in clear lacquer to promote warm tone and protect the brass from tarnishing
• Sustain pedal can swivel to a comfortable playing position for any player
• Locking casters, for securing the instrument during play, are easy to reach

Model: DC9160B
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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