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Jupiter JFL1000RBE Flute Open Hole

Price: $1,589.00

The Jupiter JFL1000RBE has the attributes of the JFL1000RBE to include the Offset G and Split E Mechanism - This is one of our top-selling flutes due to its versitality and great price point. .925 Sterling Silver Headjoint offers the player a darker, richer tone with greater warmth, projection, and power B Footjoint extends the range of the instrument to low B as well as providing a darkened tonal color to the instrument Split E Mechanism dramatically improves the response of high E resulting in better pitch and more accurate overtones Features: Key of C Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body Sterling Silver Headjoint Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys Offset G Open Hole Keys Gizmo Key Split E French Case and Cover

Model: JFL1000RBE
Manufacturer: Jupiter

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