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Measures of Success Book Book 2 Teacher's Manual

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BUILDING ON THE SUCCESS OF BOOK 1 •World music– representing music from 20 countries across the globe •Composers– over 35 composers, including 14 newfeatured composers •New cross-curricular opportunities– ties to many literary works included in school curricula, and highlights important and fun historical facts •Exciting accompaniments– continuing the incredible array of styles found in Book 1 •Assessment – new Encore pages that further address:Critical Listening Playing By Ear Composing / Arranging / Theory / Terminology / Performance / Sight Reading •Performance– 12 pieces for full band that correlate with each Opus and a full page solo for each instrument •Scales and Arpeggios– Major, natural minor, harmonic minor, and melodic minor

Table of Contents:

Catalog: BB210TM
Publisher: FJH
Composer: Deborah A. Sheldon, Brian Balmages, Timothy Loest, Robert Sheldon
Level: 2

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