Art & Lutherie Almond Folk Guitar

The A&L folk size acoustic guitar is based upon a classical body shape but with a deeper profile. Slightly smaller than a full size dreadnaught, the Folk emphasizes the mid-range tones with a clarity and responsiveness which is well suited for picking and fingerstyle players alike.

Folk Almond
Back & Sides : Wild Cherry
Neck : Silver leaf maple
Top : 3-way real wood lamination
Fingerboard & Bridge : Rosewood
Finish : Semi-Gloss Custom Varnish Finish
Tusq® nut & saddle by Graphtech

Handcrafted in Canada using 95% Canadian wood

Every Art & Lutherie acoustic guitar is handcrafted in the small town of Princeville, Québec in a positive and safe environment beneficial to producing exceptional acoustic guitars. Each model is made with attention to tone, detail and authentic craftsmanship.

Art & Lutherie guitars are made with Canadian woods that meet strict criteria in terms of their tone as well as their impact on the environment. The eco-friendly method in which the wood is gathered, takes place when previously fallen trees are found in the forests of Eastern Canada. No clear cutting is involved. This not only benefits Canadian forests but also gives rain forests the world over a well-deserved break. The Canadian tone woods used in the Art & Lutherie line possess excellent tonal qualities. Wild Cherry has a sound somewhere between the mellow tone of mahogany and the bright sound of maple. Another tone wood of choice is Silver Leaf Maple, whose characteristics for sound, weight and density are incredibly similar to that of mahogany. All A&L’s feature back & sides made from a 3-layer lamination of Wild Cherry and Silver leaf maple necks.

All Cedar and Spruce models feature pressure tested solid tops to ensure the highest levels of stiffness and rigidity along with maximum harmonic vibration. This benefits the overall tone and projection of these instruments. The finish on each A&L acoustic guitar is a Custom Varnish Finish, giving a satin sheen to semi-gloss models and a lustrous shine to gloss top (GT) models. This Custom Varnish Finish also allows the solid tops to breathe and vibrate freely allowing for the important “aging “ process to take affect. This “aging” process means that every solid top A&L guitar will sound increasingly better the more it is played over time. All Art & Lutherie guitars also include the new Integrated Set Neck system, adding extra resistance and reinforcement to the crucial area where the body and top meet the neck. The Integrated Set Neck system allows for more consistent and stable action while significantly reducing warping and twisting of the neck, largely attributed to changes in climate.

A&L acoustic guitars also feature the attractive esthetic of the Arched rosette on dreadnought and folk sized models. This Arched or Dome rosette promotes added strength and stability to the area around the sound hole. Other features include double function truss rods, high-ratio tuners and rosewood fingerboards and bridges, with Tusq nuts and fully compensated saddles by Graphtech.

With a full range of different shapes and sizes, A&L will appeal to a variety of musical tastes and styles. Choose from full sized dreadnoughts, 6 or 12 string models, Folk and Cutaway models and the popular parlor sized Ami, which is also available in a nylon string version.

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Art & Lutherie Almond Folk Guitar

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